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Helpful advice on how to use Block'em (Android).

The Block'em app for Android is very simple and easy to use. But if you need help with any aspect of using the Block'em app, please contact our support desk:


To install the Block'em app directly onto your Android phone, please do the following:

Running Block'em

The Block'em app is designed to run in idle mode in the background until a new call comes in. Once you've installed the app, run it by tapping its icon in the Applications screen. That's it. Whenever you reboot or power cycle your phone, the app will launch by itself automatically.

Blocking a New Caller

When a call comes in from a new number which is not in your Contacts, after the call is finished, the Block'em app will ask you if you'd like to block or allow that number. If you don't want to receive calls or texts from that number ever again, you can block it and it will be added to your Blocked Numbers list. If you choose to allow the number it will be added to your Allowed Numbers list.

The same applies to a text message received from a new number. When the text is received, the Block'em app will ask you if you'd like to block or allow that number.

Unblocking a Blocked Number

You can unblock any of the numbers you have previously chosen to block. In the Block'em app main menu, tap on Blocked Numbers and then tap on the number you want to unblock. The app will give you the option to unblock that number or to forget it entirely.

Blocking a Contact

Occasionally you may wish to keep a certain Contact in your Contacts but not actually hear from them. To stop an existing Contact from calling or texting you, tap on Block a Contact in the Block'em app main menu, select the Contact you wish to block and they will be added to your Blocked Contacts list. When you block a Contact, all the numbers listed for that Contact will be blocked, not just their mobile number.


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